Ramco Group is one of the few privately held, domestic firms with solid financial footing and long-term stable management. In fact, we are now ranked one of the largest private companies in Qatar thanks to our diverse mix of clients, markets and services.

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- Revamping and launching the new group branding and logo.
- Contracting the first 7 stars luxury hotel in Qatar.
- Completion of phase one of the Regent Hotel.

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We plan to grow profitable, sustainable, with high quality and fast in the market for buildings, industrial and infrastructure projects in Qatar and in the Region.

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A leading trading and contracting group and a construction-related services provider.

We deliver integrated services covering the life cycle of infrastructure projects, real estate and facilities.

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Total Contract Value
Over USD 800 milion

Regional Contract Value
Over USD 400 milion

Investor related

A Dedication to Sustainable Development our commitment to sustainability helps us build a stronger company, solve our client's toughest challenges, and create a brighter future for our employees.
People First, our employees are our greatest asset.

Giving them a safe and healthy work environment is essential.