Over the last 60 years working in the field of Tower Cranes, Raimondi has manufactured and distributed more than 15,000 cranes all over the world.

At Ramondi, we pride ourselves on the best of Italian talent and European technology. We have changed the building sites aesthetics, improving performance, safety and functionality.

Raimondi tower cranes are conceived and manufactured to meet the global market needs, at the same time maintaining Italian characteristics; style combined with maximum functionality.

Our crane’s beauty and simple harmonic line, their efficiency and, versatility and easy assembly separates us and our competitors which will enable us to continue leading in the 21st Century

A leading trading and contracting group and a construction-related services provider.

We deliver integrated services covering the life cycle of infrastructure projects, real estate and facilities. We believe in sustainable growth and take on responsibility.

Total Contract Value
Over USD 800 milion

Regional Contract Value
Over USD 400 milion

Investor related

A Dedication to Sustainable Development our commitment to sustainability helps us build a stronger company, solve our client's toughest challenges, and create a brighter future for our employees.
People First, our employees are our greatest asset.

Giving them a safe and healthy work environment is essential.